The Temple of the Celestial Lotus was founded in August 2008 (under its original name of “13 Moons Coven”) by Jason and Kimberly Abbott. Both were former members of the Temple of Brigantia, a coven based out of Wells, Maine practicing Celto-Roman Wicca, who along with the other members of the Temple worked to host monthly “open circles” for the Maine Pagan community. Sadly, in the Spring of 2008, the Temple of Brigantia closed its doors.

Seeing a need in the community for continued public events, they decided to found a new temple and invite the community to their small home in Kennebunk for open Pagan rituals. Working as a magical duo of Priest and Priestess, they began a journey with the Egyptian Pantheon family of Deities. As that journey has progressed, new members have joined the Temple as our knowledge and friendships have expanded.

The Temple of the Celestial Lotus hosts monthly Pagan rituals in honor of the Gods and mythology of ancient Egypt that are open to the public. We hold open temple on the 3rd Saturday evening of most months, and a detailed listing of these rituals can be found under “Events”.

For those interested in attending an open ritual at the Temple of the Celestial Lotus, please know the following:

We ask those attending to begin showing up at 5 PM. Ritual will begin around 6 PM. All are welcome to attend so far as our space will provide. Children are welcome so long as you feel that they will be able to stand still for a 30 minute ritual… Those under the age of 18 will need to attend with a parent or guardian or work out arrangements with us beforehand.

Please bring an item for the potluck meal that will follow ritual. We will provide snacks and drinks for social time both before and after ritual. Our ritual and the events around it are alcohol and tobacco free. Allergy sufferers should note that we share our home with 2 Siamese cats. But, as a member of the Temple is an asthmatic, we use a combination of air purifiers and cleaning to maintain high air quality in the house. Our rituals also shy away from using incense, burning sage, etc.

If you have any questions or need directions, please contact us or visit our Facebook page, which also hosts more information about us and our rituals.