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Kimberly Abbott is a graphic designer specializing in design for print. Ms. Abbott has worked for William Arthur, a fine stationary company and has been freelancing for over 5 years under her business name, Kim Abbott Design.

TCL Update

This announcement is long overdue. The members of the Temple apologize for the lack of updates as we processed unfolding events that directly affected us.

In July of this year, while we were on summer sabbatical, the Temple of the Celestial Lotus had to cope with the sudden and unexpected loss of the home where we hosted ritual and three quarters of its members lived. What followed was a whirlwind summer spent finding, securing and moving to a new residence at the very end of September.

Things have ended for the best, and we are grateful for the aid and support of our many friends and the Gods themselves in what was a very trying time. The experience has left us humbled.

It has also left us physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. We need time to recover and adjust to our new surroundings before we can embark on public ritual again. To that end, the Temple of the Celestial Lotus will be going on public hiatus until September of next year. This will also give us the time we need to prepare an appropriate space or spaces to host open ritual in once more.

However, we will be seeking to host a few individual events by invitation only during this period, starting with a Samhain gathering at a yet to be determined location. We ask our friends and frequent attendees to be on the lookout for invitations and to please contact us with any questions if you have them!

Em heset ne Netjeru,

~Temple of the Celestial Lotus.